Are You Structured To Win?

#SalesLeaders, #CEO’s, #BusinessLeaders … this one’s for you.

Most sales organizations have these three strategies rolled out to a certain extent.

  1. A sales methodology and process that works for their business.
  2. A CRM application to hold their contacts and manage relationships.
  3. Sales Training courses, material and assets.

The question I am asking is; How well are you leveraging these investments you have made? Are they working well? How can you improve them or have them working with each other?

Is your CRM Applicationhelping your sales people sell more? Or is it structured to help you gather information on your customers? Do your sales people love using it? or do they see it as a necessary evil that is designed to give you the Sales Leader information you need to manage them?

Have you modeled your best sales people and developed a structured, systematic and duplicatable Sales Process, that can be taught to all your sales people?

Does your Sales Training develop the skills needed to execute with “Mastery” the sales process you have developed? Or are you training on basic / generic sales skills?

Are you structured to win?

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