Portfolio Companies

B2B Online Platform Company – Montreal, Canada

This start-up aims to help small and medium-sized manufacturing companies find and collaborate with the right experts to solve their operational problems. They got into revenue in their first 45 days before their platform was even completed. This is because they solve a crucial problem of Matching consultants with manufacturing companies who have tight delivery schedules to maintain. They also have a Knowledge Management monthly subscription offer for individuals and companies.

  • Leadership: Strong and dedicated. They are very driven and have proven to be responsive to both guidance from mentors as well from customers their market demands.
  • Exit Strategy: They are still working on this.
  • Business Value: They have a strong pull from the market and are growing well. They have pivoted a few times, but are well on their way to developing a strong niche. One of their successes is having Local Governments purchase their platform to help Manufacturing companies in their communities find trusted advisors and consultants.
  • Business Practice; They are very professional and have developed sound business practices and regular reporting to the board.

Investment Opportunity:  They are seeking $250K which they will use for growth (marketing and sales) as well as product enhancements. $25K min Investments.

Contact Paul D’Souza for details.

Thermoformed Packaging Company – Greenville SC

Fastest Provider of Custom Thermoformed Packaging Combining Technology with Manufacturing to reduce the time and cost in the thermoforming process.  Yes, they can do it faster, cheaper and better. They are already in revenue, have customers and have a strong pipeline.

  • Leadership: Strong leadership, lots of professional experience before they launched and this is their second start-up.
  • Exit Strategy: They have a clear objective to exit in 5 -7 years with a $200M valuation. They know what they want to accomplish and have a strategy to accomplish it.
  • Business Value: Their model is proven and their offer is being accepted by customers and industry catalogs like U-line.
  • Business Practice: They are solid. We executed business. They follow standard business and accounting practices.

Investment Opportunity: They are seeking $2,000,000 to be used for Real estate expansion, equipment, marketing and added personnel.

Contact Paul D’Souza for details.