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Innovation Growth Portfolio

At the D’Souza Group; we invest in people and help them fulfill their personal objectives and visions of success. All business is personal.

These are a list of innovative growth-oriented companies that we are helping to increase revenue.  We only accept companies that demonstrate strong Leadership with grit and integrity, a demonstrated Market Acceptance and Value, a well-defined Exit Strategy and professionalism in Business Practice. We have provided a short overview of each so that you can make initial assessments of interest. We do not make any recommendations but offer you our assessments on important criteria needed to make a sound investment decision.

Finally; we only present companies that we have an ongoing relationship with. This gives us the ability to speak about their strengths, weaknesses and potential for growth.

If you would like to learn more about any of these companies, please contact Paul D’Souza at paul@paudsouza.com



B2B2B Platform for manufacturing companies – Montreal, Canada

This start-up aims to help small and medium-sized manufacturing companies find and collaborate with the right experts to solve their operational problems. They got into revenue in their first 45 days before their platform was even completed. This is because they solve a crucial problem of matching industry experts with manufacturing companies when they have critical problems that need to be solved. They also have a Knowledge Management monthly subscription offer for individuals and companies.  Graduates of the Founder Institute incubator.

Good Page to visit – http://insights.bridgr.co/

Website – https://bridgr.co/


tForm Packaging 

Thermoformed Packaging Company – Greenville SC 

Provider of custom Thermoformed Packaging combining technology with manufacturing to reduce the time and cost in the thermoforming process.  tForm employs revolutionary software technology, advanced CAD and 3D modeling capability, proprietary mold designs and lean manufacturing techniques to deliver optimized packaging solutions while significantly reducing lead times. Our goal is to give a hassle free fast solution for custom thermoformed packaging starting with a guaranteed less than 24hr quoting process.Yes, they can do it Faster, Cheaper and Better. Graduates of the Founder Institute incubator.

Website – https://www.tformpackaging.com/



Faculty Credential Management System – Berkley, California

ProfHire addresses the recruitment and credential management needs of higher-ed institutions. They offer recruitment services and have developed a Faculty Credential Management System called Attache that stores and makes available critical data and documents related to professors.  This is valuable because on average 25% of the professors of a school get replaced every year.  They offer tremendous savings of time, effort and money as well as helping their clients stay compliant with Accreditation requirements. Graduates of the Founder Institute incubator.

Website – https://www.profhire.com/attache