CRM … Who Did You Design If For?

Tell me Dear Sales Leader? Who did you design your CRM application for? Did you think about your Sales People? Did you think about protecting your Customer? Did you think about yourself? Did you do it for the Board and Stock Prices?

Who did you design your CRM application for?

Many of you might be asking … what the heck is he talking about? We designed to work!!!

Truth Revealed:

Most people roll out a CRM application and all they are thinking about it Data, Database integration, rows and columns. In other words MANAGING the data related to RELATIONSHIPS sales people are having with their CONTACTS. Hence the term CONTACT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT.

The only problem is that, in any application one develops; the success of that deployment is directly related to the adoption and utilization by its users. Without this; you have shelf-ware and a failed deployment.


Review your CRM application if it is already deployed and assess if it reflects the sales process and methodology you know works in the field, in your industry, for your product. Please make sure that your CRM application has these processes configured within it. So your sales team now has a unified approach they can follow to do it right the first time.

Please make sure the CRM application is designed to make the lives of your sales people easier and fun. The last thing they need is to extra work for you their sales leaders and the board. They need a tool and a platform that can help them sell more.

In Conclusion:

There is more to this. We have not yet talked about other things you can do in the CRM application to make it relevant and meaningful for your sales people; the primary group of individuals that will be using this application. All the best.

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