Positive Employee Experience (EX) lead to positive Customer Experiences (CX) making them come back for more, creating greater Financial Experiences (FX) which in turn produce PeakPerformance Experiences (PPX) for owners and business leaders. It all connects.

The market has changed. Have you? We have gone back to basics but this time all the dots connect. Why? Because we live in a “Connected” world and everyone has the expressed opportunity to contribute and be counted. Positive Employee Experiences create positive Customer Experiences who come back for more positive experiences creating amazing Financial Experiences for the Owners and investors in business.

Welcome to the new integrated approach to Peak Performance in Business.

I have been helping companies get to significant growth and profitability since 2003 and have decided to now focus my efforts on helping intelligent business owners do business right. All players in this new sales eco system are critically important and we must care for their needs if we want to succeed.

Berny Dormann and his colleagues at CEO Space International talk about Cooperative Capitalism; I just love that! It works! A few years ago Chip Conley created a $500 Million company called Joia De Vivre Hospitality by taking care of 2600+ employees that cleaned toilets for a living. Everyone in the eco-system of business is important and contributes in creating Peak Performance Experience for all involved.

All Business is B2C :

It starts with you. I don’t care where you are in the eco system, it starts with you. The new world order suggests that everyone in the sales eco system of business has a valuable role to play in how things work. All business is B2C because every transaction is conducted between people and people always want to have a positive experience doing business with you. Nobody wakes up and says … I want to have bad experiences today! The new normal is significantly different to just a few years ago.

I used to tell people that my primary domain of interest and focus was the Smaller Family owned B2B organization that sold a solution to its customers and seek to have long term relationship with them. This is not different to a B2C transactional sale where it’s a one and done offering like a convenience store as an example or Apple for that matter. Even here; it is more valuable to address the Customer Experience you offer; because it will determine how many repeat customers you have. Take Apple for instance, or your favorite Gas Station. You go back for more because you have a good experience every time you do.

CX is the new frontier of business:

As outlined above the lines have blurred. The customer (buyer) is in charge. The power has shifted and they decide if you win or loose. Like a flock of sky larks flying at at dusk; they can descend upon you at will and change direction in an instant. Here one moment and off again in another. The only thing they seek is satisfaction through the delivery of value and respect as a unique buyer that is contributing to your organization.

At their core, they want participation, they want respect, they want to be seen. In essence they want to belong, they want to feel welcome and part of your world your story. The product or solution you offer is just the dance floor but not the music. Their trust in you is the beat that keeps it all together. Are you listening to their music? Are you dancing with them?

It starts with Employee Experience (EX):

You and your employees are the foundation of your business; especially if you want to do magical things in the market place and fund your retirement. Listen up! Go hug your employees. Never loose sight of them. Make sure you have the right people on your team, make sure they are sitting in the right seat on your bus and make sure you are bringing out the best in them. Learn to tap into their genius and help them live a fulfilling life. Go the extra mile. Its not about throwing money at them, but rather helping them live a good life. Feed their mind, their creativity and their hunger for significance and growth. Help them feel like they belong and let them see themselves in your narrative and the stories your business tells to the world.

Do this and watch them serve your clients with passion and respect. Watch them find better ways to take care of business, because in doing so, they are taking care of themselves. Watch them take ownership and pride in what they do. Their need for supervision reduces. Their level of productivity goes through the roof and your customers will love being around them and your business.

Happy Customers Make Happy Investors:

The only way to grow your business is to have happy customers who buy your product or service and tell their friends and family that they should too. This is fundamental. You need a growing customer base. Once you have a valuable offering for them that is delivered by people who are passionate about working with you; they (your customers) will keep coming back and increase the time and money they spend with you. This has the ability to produce good revenue and profits creating good Financial Experiences for you and your investors. The better their financial experiences, they more they will want to invest in you and the more money they will make available to you; allowing you to grow bigger, better and faster. Everybody winds and the cycle continues.

It starts with you my friend, you show up and decide to do things right. Run your business well. Take care of the people in your eco-system and move your business towards this idea of Cooperative Capitalism. It’s time.

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