From Numbers to Data

I have been talking about Managing the Numbers; reference the people involved with sales – from a Leadership, Customer and Sales Person’s perspective. Now I want to make the jump from managing the numbers to managing Data. Because in a sense, it is our new currency. It is so pervasive that we need to think and act differently. We need to learn to make sense of it all and leverage it to our advantage.

Business organizations and retailers who get it and see Data as a friend, are doing things like …

All this is possible because there is data about and from your markets, customers, partners and other related sources that can be sliced and diced to give us insights and meaning of what is really going on. The data that impact each of our given market segments in most cases are just too big for us to rely only on past experience. Looking at the “Data” is your best bet to learning more about what is really going on and what is possible.

Marketing and Sales do have an element of art. But knowing your data reduces the reliance on art and increases the predictability of science that can give you useful information to make power changes and design new offers that your customers accept.

Happy customers = more profit. Repeat after me … Data is my friend.

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