Happy Sales People = Revenue Growth

This is for all you HR Leaders AND Revenue Leaders; people in charge of growth and profitability.  You know this … Your people, and the creative genius of everyone working with you; is by far, the single biggest asset you have.  If you want to grow your business, grow your people.

Their are many steps along the way, but the two big ones are first, hire the right people and secondly, go the extra mile and help them bring out the best in themselves. This is an ongoing process; just as if you had made another significant commitment in a purchase of a home, a car, an MRI Scanner or a CNC Machine; you would “Always” invest in their maintenance and warranty.  You would always in sync with their software upgrades and added features.  You should be treating your employees 10 times better than any one of these other investments.

Coming down to numbers … are you spending approximately 18% of their salary; on their personal development and well being every year? The progressive companies I am sure are.

Everybody does this differently; Sir Richard Branson as an example is experimenting with employees having unlimited vacation days;  the bottom line here is simple. Happy employees keep customers happy.  Happy customers keep coming back for more and tell their friends, resulting in growth and profitability.

Please start talking about this at the office; both leadership teams should be talking to each other i.e; HR and Sales. Share your strategic initiatives and your budgets and come up with a solution that addresses the needs of your people.  Figure out how you are going to bring out the best in them.  Once you do that; identify budget and processes around helping each employee bring out the best in themselves.


  • Understanding one’s life purpose and specific stated goals helps you make powerful choices so you can move powerfully at work and in society.


  • Every stated goal; including one’s purpose in life has a price tag. Understanding ones financial requirements is important to keep activity grounded.


  • Design powerful action to generate the money and outcomes you require to fulfill on your stated goals and life purpose.


  • Identify and enroll the right people in your life;  learn advanced skills of practical psychology, linguistics and human interaction so you get the help needed to execute your plan.

Practical Leadership

  • Pay it forward and bring out the best in the people you have enrolled to support you in fulfilling your stated goals and life purpose.  This is a force multiplier.  Tap into reciprocity and your circle of influence grows … increasing your capacity to act.

Creating the space for and allowing your employees to develop themselves and fulfill their life Purpose is the first step toward increasing sustainable growth and profits. The key here is make sure it is authentic and anchored in the clear understanding that you care about the success of your people as opposed to force feeding them through a program, just so you can say you did something to improve employee engagement.

Let’s have a conversation about how you would begin to implement this kind of thinking into your organization. Call and leave me a message at 513-239-7475.

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