How Can I Help?

These might be the strongest of 4 words in the English language. Leaning on the fundamentals of being human and acknowledging that people are inherently connected in the primal idea of survival and self preservation; one is left with no other mood than this.

“How can I help?” dives deep and in one move locates you as a friend that cares about how you will take care of your survival and self preservation.

Speak not until you know how you can help someone. If you do not know … first seek to learn and understand.

Open you heart so you may listen to the whispers of their heart; speaking of what is important to them. Very rarely does one wear their heart on their sleeve. But if you improve your sense of listening … you will begin to read between the lines.

Notice that which is being said and done. This will help you locate yourself in their world.

When you find your space in their circle of care ask them; How can I help? and wait for them to invite you in.

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