How To Embrace Sales 3.0 Strategies

I wrote this article on the Sales 3.0 Events Page and thought I would share some of it here ….

In today’s world of electronic communication in business, keeping track of it all might seem daunting to the digitally uninitiated.

The good news is that – because so many of our customer touch points are digital – the dots are connectable. This is where Sales 3.0 comes in. The new breed of technology solutions in business intelligence, analytics, and machine learning give sales and marketing organizations the ability to help their salespeople make the right call to the right prospects with the right offer.

Predictability vs Convenience

The fundamentals don’t change. But how customers go about educating themselves and how they reach out for help have changed tremendously. They are using digital channels like Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, email, podcasts, and blogs to name a few. Sales 3.0 solutions will help you make sense of all the touch points your customers are making across these channels – giving you actionable reports on whom to call and when. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team. These reports are designed to “predict” which customers you should be focusing on and why.

You cannot afford to leave the future of your company up to when a salesperson decides it’s convenient to make a call. Or the feelings a salesperson might have about who might be a good prospect to call on any given day.

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