Integrated Revenue Generation Strategy

In today’s world of business communication as it relates to educating your customers about the products and services you have for sale; your only viable opportunity for customer engagement; is to provide your customers with useful information, that is relevant to them … in a way they can consume it … when they want to consume it. You do that well and you will generate revenue.

So, knowing who you are communicating with and knowing why they will be interested in what you have to say is critically important. Welcome to Data Management. No, we are not necessarily talking about Big Data here. We are talking about taking the time to initiate the designing of your sales strategies to include a Data Management exercise where your segment your customers or prospects into categories you might have not necessarily considered in the past. Break them down into groupings that reflect unique interests, demographics, buying history, etc., anything that could put a unique perspective on “Why” they might want to consider doing business with you in the future.

Once you have a few different groups and know why they might be interested in what you have to offer, you will need to start communicating with them in ways that are relevant to them. You have to present them with “their” perspective of why your offer is valuable to them. Tell them what you have, in language that makes sense to them. Every piece of communication should reflect a relevant value proposition and oh yes, you have to be consistent. The email that someone gets from you, or the post card /mailer they receive, the landing page they go to or the phone call they receive; everything should mirror the same perspective and it should offer a continuity of thought and thinking. This strategy of yours has got to be “that” integrated and consistent.

Finally, let me add one more piece to this “Integrated Revenue Strategy” that should be included. Think telephone calls.

What I am suggesting, is that you embrace the idea that having someone communicate with your prospects via social media, email and the telephone could be very beneficial in nurturing leads and building relationships of trust with your organization. Have someone call your prospects after they have opened a couple emails and gone to a few pages you had links to in the emails you sent them. Build a relationship of trust with them and help them answer questions they might have. In doing so qualify them against their Need, Timelines and Budget and when it makes sense for them to have a business conversation with your sales people; make the introductions.

It’s time to do things differently. Please consider changing your sales cycle and get in-sync with customer’s buying cycles. Start with Data, embrace Marketing Automation, lead with Education and help your prospects solve real problems. Stop selling and start supplying solutions.

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