It Starts With You

Yes it does and it always will.  This is for you leaders in business.  You are nothing without the people in your business teams.  If we focus in on the domain of Sales.  Your sellers are the hunters and the gathers that bring in the revenue.  Just as when one is hunting in the woods, if they are not on their game, they will not make a kill and could get hurt or worse, get taken out by wild animal in the jungle.  Try hunting hogs; they can be dangerous.

So what does this have to do with me? I manage these sellers, you say.  Well it starts with you.  You have a responsibility to make sure you put the right team together and then you have to take the leadership to make sure that each person on your team are operating at Peak Performance Levels all the time.  If you don’t; you are leaving money on the table and doing everyone including yourself a disservice.


  1. How many of your sellers are at Peak Performance levels of activity?
  2. What percentage of revenue do they bring in?
  3. What would it mean to your Revenue Numbers if another 20% were at Peak Performance levels?

This is the opportunity that you might be missing.  I am a big fan of doing more with the resources (clients and employees) you have.  It’s too costly to acquire either one. I have turnaround several companies helping them grow between 20% to 300% by leveraging some of the 7+ Sales Strategies focused on working with existing Customers.

XFactor = WhyFactor

The best companies have figured out how to bring out the best in their employees.  Your people are not robots and they have psychological wants and needs. I am simplifying this; but after decades of working with thousands of people, I am convinced that the “X Factor” in people is anchored in their personal “Why Factor”.  More importantly, I have figured out an approach to help people connect the two, helping them operate at Peak Performance levels consistently.

Things You Can Do Today …

Start talking to you the people in your business teams and check in with them. They love to be heard. Ask them how things are going? Tell them how important they are to the team and acknowledge them for the good they are doing? Be honest and start with where they are at.  Then offer to help them solve any problems or issues they might be having. Start being real with them.  Find an opportunity to contribute to their life story. The key here is to find a way to link their story of life and living with their job.  This is how you connect their “Why Factor” with their job and what they do for you.  The more they understand how the job they are doing for you supports their personal goals and aspirations; the more they will tap into their creative genius and the more productive they are going to be at work.

Skill Set and Tool Set

Once you have their “Why Factor” anchored in their jobs, you would have activated their Mind Set and got them excited and creative about what they are doing. You can then go about addressing their other needs of making sure they have the right Skill Setand right Tool Set needed to do their jobs well.  This is your trifecta for success.  You have to show up to take care of your people. They must know that you have their backs and that you are out there making sure they have what they need to be successful.  They need your inspiration and care; your people are craving the attention they deserve. They cannot do their jobs well, if you are not there leading, protecting, nurturing and supporting them.  You do that and they will operate at Peak Performance levels and you will end up being the rock star you know you are.

Let’s have a conversation about how you can leverage some of this thinking in your life or with your teams.  Leave me a VM at 513-239-7475 my Google Voice number and I will get back with you shortly.  Or send me an email at

Blessings; I pray you are having a good day. Wishing you only the best.

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