Manage By The Numbers … Part 1

I am going to talk about Less is More today — Ref: The number of accounts a sales person has in their territory. Time and again this is proven to be a tried and true approach to increasing a sales person’s earnings and the subsequent revenue numbers.

Sales Leadership – will tell you time and time again, it is proven — 80% of revenue comes from 20% of the accounts. Why? Because when you focus on an account and work all the relationships you have access to; something mysterious and magical happens! You end up doing more business with these people.

Sales Producers – they see this as a total violation of who they are and their very ability to survive. Sales people will always want more accounts they have the ability to sell into. They think that the more accounts they have the better their chances are for making and exceeding quota. This could not be further away from the truth. So coach them through this. Show them how focused effort produces bigger results.

Growing up on a farm in India; I soon realized that when trying to catch a chicken out in the yard or even in a large chicken coup; it was real tough to do when you picked one and down-right impossible to do if you thought you could catch two birds at a time.

Its about focus – learn the numbers and get clear about where they are coming from. Who amongst your clients are producing the right numbers? Where is the top revenue coming from? What does your 80/20 rule look like? Could you model your best clients and find others “Just like them”. Then drill down deeper and get to know their business in more ways and find more ways you can help them fulfill on their promises, or help them avoid threats and reduce risks; maybe even take advantage of opportunities you help them find in the market. There are so many reasons why someone should do business with you.

In conclusion – this is how you will grow your numbers in a profitable and sustainable manner. Know your numbers … in this case of your quota and the amount of business your best clients are doing with you.

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