Manage By The Numbers … Part 2

Taking this conversation further and bringing it down to the specific clients you have chosen to work with … this idea of knowing and managing by the numbers is critical. The key is to do both … increase top line and bottom line profit. This is when we all get paid.

It is always about the Profit ….

Some questions worth asking:

  1. How much revenue am I doing with each client?
  2. Is this revenue profitable?
  3. How can I increase both the top line revenue and the bottom line profit?
  4. Who else should I be talking to in that company?
  5. Can I extend these relationships and provide and innovative service?

The list goes on. But it is this king of thinking that will keep you sharp and on the constant look out for better ways to serve your clients. This is critical.

Fundamental Rule: You make more money and hopefully profit with a client only when you solve bigger problems for them.

In Conclusion: Know what problems you are solving with you clients? What is this worth? … to them and you?

Learn to become an integral trusted partner in their business and serve them well. This creates the space for you to prevent and solve problems with and for them. The more you do this the more your numbers will grow.

This is Good Business 101.

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