Manage By The Numbers … Part 3

This is all about you, the individual sales professional. I care that you live a successful life; one that is filled with prosperity in the areas of Health, Wealth and Personal Relationships. I actually have a very robust offering outside the domain of sales at — where I teach you how to listen to your heart, get clear about what is important to you and then coach you on how to go make it happen.

But here, on LinkedIn and in the domain of Sales Leadership and increasing Sales Performance; you need to know your “Personal” numbers. How much of money do you need to make this month, this quarter, this year? How much money do you need to be saving for retirement? Bring that clarity of your own personal “Why” into your ‘Managing Of The Numbers’ in your funnel … today!

If you need to make a certain number this year; will your current funnel produce it for you? This is the real question, people! Will your current list of prospects produce the revenue you need to make your number? So you can put your children through college and save enough for retirement?

Do you have the right Personal Relationships to help you close the right deals? Or are you spending time with “Nice” people who do not add value to your bottom line? People who are not contributing to you making more money.

Think about it. You have to “Manage By The Numbers” … so you fulfill on your personal goals and lifestyle requirements.

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