No Separation

Have you noticed times have changed!! We have in effect gone back to living in small villages like we did 200 years ago.  This is because of the internet, social media and the proliferation of cameras.  There is no place to hide anymore! But this is the good news. It’s a fantastic time to be in the market.

It’s time for authenticity in all that we do.

 There are so many possibilities for us to tell our story, live our dreams and share our gifts with the world.  Are you doing that? Are you sharing your gifts with the world? Are you clear about what your gifts are?

The invitation here is for you to live a life of authenticity and have NO SEPARATIONS between what you do for a living and what you do for fun.  There is no more place for segregation of activity in our lives.  Be yourself and live a life of passion and truth.

Technology is allowing us to communicate with each other like never before. We can find the resources and things we need on-line. We can tell our story and be a media outlet; directly from us to the world wide web.  We can interact and communicate at will, instantly and for free across the globe.

You Are Your Brand
Let that sink in. When you live a life with NO SEPARATIONS your followers, clients and friends recognize the authenticity of who you are. You become a walking talking branding campaign, constantly sending our a beacon of possibility that people will recognize and gravitate towards when they need your help.  Those who don’t will not be attracted to you and that’s ok!  This creates tremendous efficiencies in communication.

You can only ride one horse at a time. Live authentically.

From a marketing perspective, you access momentum because all your activity strengthens your Brand.  If you have not noticed; life is a sales call. As an FYI  … I have met virtually all me of my best students at parties or by chance while I was out and about living my authentic life.  We need people to buy our offers, so we can have the money we need to live.  When you live authentically, you support the first two stages of the fundamental sales process; which is building Rapport and Trust. Without these you cannot Transact.

5 Stages of the Fundamental Sale Process

  1. Build Rapport
  2. Build Trust
  3. Problem Identification
  4. Solution Design and Presentation
  5. Negotiate and Transact

Just as in the villages of days gone by, people buy from people they know and trust.  This is step one and two. Without a sense of rapport, it is difficult to build any trust. People have to know you or know of you, to trust you.

How does one get to know people well if you are not authentic. Building trust is not possible without authentic relationships. We are back to square 1. Be authentic with the people you meet and build trust. Only then, will they trust you enough to share their problems with you.  It is only when they do that, will you have a shot at helping them by presenting a solution that makes sense and fits into their budget. It all starts by being authentic and living with NO SEPARATIONS.

Living your truth allows you to constantly building rapport and trust with everyone you meet. This helps you exponentially increase your probability of meeting the people who need whatever it is you have to offer.  Be the Painter, the Yoga Instructor, the Chiropractor, the Home Remodeler, the Massage Therapist, the Investment Planner, etc.

Be proud of who you are and be present to the world around you.

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Be that and be proud of it.

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