Opportunities & Revenue Not Leads & Costs

The worlds of Marketing and Sales have merged. We should always be talking about Opportunities and Revenue and not about Leads and Costs per lead.

The market has changed, have you?

Merge these two departments and operate as one company. Gerhard Gschwandtner was talking about this at the Selling Power Events back in 2009 and 2010 I believe; when my book came out. At Top Gun we talk about how Sales and Marketing are two ends of a string that rarely tied together.

Technology Unites:

With technology having evolved so much in recent months, it is much easier to operate as one united team. 60% or more of your sales cycle is completed online via the web or social media. Your clients are doing their own research and consuming information about you, on their own time and then; when they have narrowed down their options and have a pretty good idea of what they want to buy, they engage with you and close the loop with a short transaction cycle.

The good news … This gives you a tremendous opportunity to start thinking of how you can engage with your clients and help them make a decision that is good for them. Makes you wonder, is that sales? or is that marketing? … or is that counseling? You would be correct if you picked any of those options.

Learn to leverage technology! … Bring in your Data Analysts to help you identify your audience, bring in your demographers too! They are part of this new Revenue Generation Team. Make sure your Marketing Automation team learns about your offering and why your best clients love what you do for them. Everyone on this new integrated team has got to know your value proposition and the benefits your clients experience when they accept your offers.

This helps you come across as authentic and caring and trust worthy and knowledgeable … all of which helps generate Opportunities and increases conversions to Revenue.

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