Private Equity

The D’Souza Group is dedicated to helping our client companies increase revenue. Very often there is a need to raise capital, merge with another business or consider selling a business. We offer the marketplace a unique opportunity for Angel investors and a few select Start-up companies to collaborate and do good work.

Angel Investors

We want you to have the opportunity to invest in a business that we have vetted out for you. In addition to putting your money to work, we offer you an opportunity to participate, mentor and help these companies succeed. We want you to feel the excitement and passion of being involved in a start-up that is innovating and changing the way things have been done.

We get involved with start-ups early and stay with them through their many stages of growth all the way to the exit. This is a 5-7 year relationship. We expect our Angel Investors to do the same.

We present investment opportunities to our Angel Community only after we have worked with our client companies for a period of time and have made assessments of value in the following areas;

  • Leadership; humility, drive, grit, ethics and business sense.
  • Exit Strategy; clarity of vision & commitment to creating a valuable business
  • Business Value; market need and addressable market value
  • Business Practice; execution of standard practices (GAAP / IFRS)

Benefits For Angel Investors That Work With Us

  1. We save you time, headache and money by bringing you opportunities that meet your criteria for investment. No more networking and listening to business ideas you will never invest in.
  2. With our model; you get to invest your money AND your expertise. We want you to get involved as much as you can or want to.
  3. Keep your high paying jobs and the security of your lifestyle, but get involved and feel the excitement and passion that our entrepreneurs go through.
  4. Leave a legacy that matters. Contribute your wisdom to the next generation of business leaders. The more you contribute and help them be successful, the bigger the returns.
  5. Get involved with something exciting. The process of investing in start-ups has changed tremendously with the passing of the JOBS Act, specifically Title III and Title IV – this now offer you many opportunities to get involved and participate in this new economy. Ask me how.

Start-up Companies

We work with start-ups that have passed our selection process. Some of our criteria are the following;

  1. The leadership has demonstrated expertise, professionalism and humility.
  2. They have an addressable market of over a billion dollars.
  3. They have some traction and momentum in the marketplace (Revenue).
  4. They have a clear sense of what their exit strategy is.
  5. They have participated in a business incubator.

Current Portfoilo –

Please contact us if you are an Angel investor looking to invest in a business or have always wanted to be an Angle investor but did not know where to start. We are here to help. Let’s have a conversation.

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