Sales Is A Team Sport

The world of sales has changed. Everything about it is different these days, … except the fundamentals. I really we believe technology has taken us full circle back to the basics. Think about the villages we lived in and how everybody knew everyone else. That is where we are today.

One of the biggest changes is that your customers / clients have choices. They are informed and can find a better solution … if its out there.

Fact; the more complex a solution you sell today, the more the sales process will need to become a team effort. This is because again, many things have changed; buyers now have committees and processes internally to spend corporate dollars. Technology, Business Law and Economics have gotten so complex; that you need experts to keep everyone safe.

Think about a Merger and Acquisition team that is putting a huge deal together. That is a sale. Correct? You have lawyers, and accountants, business leaders, market research people, sales managers and subject matter experts. The lists goes on.

All these people are important because their perspective and insight is critical to ensure the transaction is good for both parties. Why? … Because litigation is too costly.

The days of hoodwinking people and moving on to the next customer are far and few between. Still happens, but that is fast becoming a thing of the past. The consumer is informed, educated and networked now. There is no place to hide for people who want to be in the visible market and grow their business.

We do live in a fish bowl, we are all connected, there is no separation anymore.

Hope you get this at a deep practical level. Once you do, you will begin to realize that it is in your best interest to absolutely take care of your customer. Bring them the resources they need. Show them you care about their success and have the decency to walk away when you are not serving them well.

Remember … No deal is better than a Bad Deal!

Keep it straight. Here are 3 nuggets worth holding on to.

  1. Take the time to mastermind a solution with your clients; you might call this
    “Pre-sales activity.” 
  2. Bring in experts to help your clients when you are committed to solving their problems; you might call this a “Sales cycle.”
  3. Help your clients take care of problems they have and bring them the resources they need; you might call this “Customer Service” (Its proactive y’all)

In Conclusion … developing the skill to get your sales team ready to perform at this high level of professionalism is science and art. It is a culture that needs to be developed and nurtured by the leadership. Top Gun Sales Performance has been doing this for over 14 years with some of the largest companies in the world.

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