Sales Is Really Service

Taking the conversation deeper from my last post about sales being a team sport; I recently had a real powerful Ah-ha! moment that proved to me that the word “Sales” itself, might be the wrong word to start with.

The market has changed so much that nobody wants to be “Sold” (verb) anymore. They want to be “Helped” (verb) (Service).

The only exception potentially being a person that has decided on what they want to buy and are now shopping for the best deal they can find, during this last week of the quarter. For them, it is now a sporting event and they do not need your sales pitch; just your best price.

Let me explain what I mean by service.
I am currently working with a prospect that want us to help them solve a business problem. They have been limping along for the last few years and have grown this one new division of theirs to $5 million in annual revenue. They now realize that their current business model, their partners, product offering and sales process will not allow their revenue to scale to $100 million in annual sales, which is totally possible. They have a $100 Million problem they want to solve.

We are having good conversation … But we stopped selling them a long time back, right after the 1st meeting; when they realized we had enough experience to be the right partner for them.

All the discussions we are now having with them are around how we help them grow their business infrastructure (Tech Platform / Marketing / Operations / Delivery, etc.) to scale and produce $100 Million or more in the next 5 years. We are doing this together.

We are still far from transacting on the sale; but we are designing the solution as we speak … “With them”. Giving them ideas and suggestions that they did not have and “Together” we are coming up with the business model they need to generate $100 Million in 5 years.

Sales is always about taking care of people (Service) and helping them solve problems that they cannot solve themselves (Service).

It’s all about service my friends. Go pay it forward.

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