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Did you here about the partnership that SalesForce and Microsoft did in late May this year? Here is the link

There is so much of technology needed to perform in today’s market place and the big guys in our space are responding. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft says … “Working together we’ll deliver new solutions that connect the customer insights of Salesforce to the cloud productivity of Office 365, cloud platform of Azure and the mobility of Windows, so our customer can do more.”

Technology allows us to get access to how our clients are thinking and can provide us with insights into behavior so we can respond proactively and more responsively to their needs. This is key. We can do more. But we have to be structured well to perform in this fast paced market place.

So if the giants are thinking ahead like this … are you?

  1. Are you addressing your your sales and marketing technology needs?
  2. Are you morphing with the market and leveraging the new technology?
  3. Is your sales process technology driven or enhanced appropriately?
  4. Are you ingesting social media data?
  5. Are you leveraging data / predictive analytics to gain customer insights?

To give you a sense at how funky this can all get. See this graph I grabbed off this site …

In conclusion:

It’s time to embrace technology in both your marketing and sales environments. So please augment your sales operations resources and make sure you have the right technology at your disposal. Let me know if you have any questions on how you might go about things if you think you need a second opinion.

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ps: Check out what my friends at are doing in the area of Business Intelligence, Data Integrity, and Integration for Sales Professionals – ask for Dan Gradyhe is a genius at this stuff.

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