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Chief Revenue Officer as a Service (CROaaS) – We help Business Leaders increase sales.

Revenue is a result of the right Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy, Sales Process, Delivery Process and People Teams working together to help your customers have an amazing experience with your business. We help you win.

  • Business Outcome / Exit Strategy / Annual Strategy

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Marketing Narrative

  • Marketing & PR Strategy

  • Knowing “What Business You Are Really In”

  • Understanding and Designing Your Core Offer

  • Marketing Tech Platform Design

  • Sales Strategy

  • Sales Narrative

  • Scripting

  • Sales Process design

  • Customized Sales Training

  • Customer Success Strategy

  • Leadership Training

We help you address these and other issues helping increase Revenue and Profitability. Our Consulting services are customized to help you make the changes needed to increase revenue significantly in the next 90 Days


This is our most popular engagement. We come in and do an in depth Assessment of your Go-To-Market Strategy, Sales Strategy and Customer Success Strategy. We then do a customized Sales Training or Sales Strategy session designed to produce significant results in 90 Days. We will also present you with a strategy document to guide you through the change process so you can make the recommended changes yourself.

We speak with leadership and members of your sales and marketing teams to review your current go-to-market strategies. We also collaborate and think through short-term and long-term strategies that will produce significant results in your business. If time permits we conduct a highly customized sales training or sales strategy session that will produce results. We want you to implement the suggested changes yourself, but will help wherever needed.

On a recent engagement, a sales executive rehashed a lost deal using one of Paul’s strategies while he was still in their office. Producing a 400% ROI within 30 minutes.

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To succeed in business, one must learn to build sustainable and scalable business practices that work.  You cannot expect your business to grow if you are doing it all. Get out of the way and let one of our Sales Leaders design and develop your sales program for you.

This customized program starts with us doing an on-site assessment. With those findings, we collaborate on designing the Sales Strategy that will meet your business goals.  We will then step in as your interim Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and develop your Sales Organization as agreed upon.

Most engagements last for 90 Days and then extend on a monthly basis if needed.


This program is designed to help business leaders and sales people make significant changes that increase revenue and profitability.  We follow a structured process to accomplish these changes. Very often the shifts are anchored in personal transformation and a redesigned Go-To-Market strategy. This program is designed to maintain success in sales practice; so you can meet your annual Revenue & Profitability goals.

Most engagements last year a more. Some have lasted 18+ years.

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