Sales Strategy Consulting


We help B2B Sales Teams increase sales.
Peak Performance comes from having the right Sales Strategy, Sales Process and Sales People.

  • Do you have enough leads?
  • Are revenues flat and is it time to do something different?
  • Are your sales people not selling your entire solution?
  • Average sale revenue number too low?
  • Are you maximizing the annual net value per account?
  • What would it mean if 100% of your team were operating at Peak Performance levels?
  • Have you launched a new product or service and need help getting it to market?

We help you address these and other issues helping increase sales and profitability. Our Sales Strategy Consulting services are customized to help you make the changes needed to increase revenue significantly in the next 90 Days


This is our most popular engagement. We come in and do an in depth Assessment, Consulting and custom Sales Training offering designed to produce significant results in 90 Days. We will also present you with a strategy document to guide you through the change process.

On the first day we speak with leadership and members of your sales and marketing teams to review your current go-to-market strategies. We also collaborate and think through short-term and long-term strategies that will produce significant results in your business.

On the 2nd day we review findings and recommendations and agree on the change process. We then conduct a highly customized 4-hour sales training program designed to produces results Later in the afternoon, we meet with the leadership to review potential next steps. We want you to implement the suggested changes yourself, but will help wherever needed.

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Need to get fresh insight on a new product launch, a new market or a new sales process? Or have an expert motivate your sales team to close bigger and better deals?  Have Paul come in and help you refocus your sales team so you start producing significantly different revenue numbers. Paul is engaging, thought provoking and educational. On a recent engagement, a sales executive rehashed a lost deal using one of Paul’s strategies while he was still in their office. Producing a 400% ROI within 30 minutes.

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Business owners do not have the luxury to separate themselves from what they do. You also need to master the art of juggling multiple projects simultaneously; this program is designed to help you work through the clutter of your life and help you focus on strategies that help you manifest significant results at work and in your personal life. This program helps you design an integrated strategy that addresses your personal challenges and your business needs; delivering Peak Performance at all levels.

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This program is designed to help business leaders make significant changes in the growth strategies in life and or business. Very often they are connected. We follow a structured process to accomplish these changes. Very often the shifts are anchored in personal transformation and then a redesigned Go-To-Market strategy. This program is designed to produce results very often in 90 Days.

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These sessions are designed to help business leaders get the insight and guidance they need when they find themselves in challenging situations either at work or in their personal lives. Situations can seem overwhelming at times and we need guidance from experts with more experience than us. Don’t suffer. Get the help you need when you need it. You are not alone anymore.

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The VP of sales and an AE at one of our clients had just finished the customized training on the afternoon of the 2nd day and then had a sales call with a prospect that was stuck at the Negotiation stage of their sales cycle for 3 months. They used one of the sales strategies we taught them and closed a large deal which was 400% of their investment in this Two Days To Revenue offering.

400% ROI in 30 minutes; not a bad!

A few weeks later we received a thank you note from the CEO.


Let’s have a conversation to see if this is the right program for you. If it makes sense we will do business, if not we will not. No obligations.

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