Jared Willis Project Manager at Hudson Pacific Properties, Inc. December 19, 2017

Paul brought great vision and strategy to BarkerBlue and got us to approach what we were doing differently, with results. We saw an immediate growth in sales (I think it was 20% growth in a year) but more importantly, I think we became better with our sales approach, took a better view of our own company and made some great strides in areas that we were historically bad at. He was able to come into an existing situation, learn the ropes very quickly and put in place a succesful strategy in very short time.

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Benjamin Harris Director, Business Development at Engineering, Software and Network Services (ESNS) linkedin.com/in/benharris3 December 19, 2017

I had the pleasure of working with Paul on a daily basis while we chartered new business areas for RWD and new “bleeding” edge technologies for our clients. Simply said, there was no one better at breaking new ground and opening new doors. Paul demonstrated levels of sensitivity, understanding of business needs and the role of technology in solving business problems that rarely come in one package.

Stephen Shapiro Hall of Fame Speaker, Innovation Instigator, Author, Advisor linkedin.com/in/shapiroinnovates December 19, 2017

Paul is an amazing human being. I first met him during a cross-country book tour. Paul was one of the people who intrigued me the most. I have gotten to know him well over the past few years. He is genuine, caring, generous, and insightful. He is spiritual, yet grounded. He can lead individuals and organizations, not just from the mind, but also from the heart. I recommend Paul to anyone who wants to take their life to a whole new level. Oh, and yes, Paul is in my book, "Goal-Free Living."

Dave Kissel Leader|Marketer|Business Builder linkedin.com/in/kisseldave December 19, 2017

It is said that the universe is comprised of only two things: Energy and Matter. If that's true, Paul is the unique combination of "Energy that Matters." His infectious joy for living, problem-solving and smartly helping people achieve their ambition is both rare and scarce. Paul brings this powerful combination to every challenge and opportunity he faces. If you've had the pleasure of working with Paul you know what I mean...If you haven't, I urge you to find a way to partner with him.

Chip VanAlsburg Director of Enterprise Sales WV, OH, KY at Lumos Networks linkedin.com/in/2chipvanalsburg December 19, 2017

Paul's passion for helping businesses succeed and maintaining balance in life is contagious and very valuable in his personal and professional life. While studying with Paul in the BPC, he brought forth powerful conversations and ideas that I would not have conceived of on my own. He improved the quality of the learning experience for myself and many others. Paul has held on to that knowledge, expanded upon it and continues to produce many situations where people are better equipped to succeed.

Ligia Cuevas'Johnson MBA/M.ED/PH.D CANDIDATE ESL / SLIFE TEACHER / Teacher at Roberts Academy linkedin.com/in/ligia-cuevas-johnson- December 19, 2017

As a business owner one needs guidance and someone to trust or teach us about what we can do better to improve the performance of our business. If any body needs help, specially during times in crisis. I strongly recomend Paul D'Souza, He has more than 20 years experience working with business owners, helping them to improve their companies performance and profits. Paul's integrity and expertise are beyond expectations.

Jillian Ackerman Knowledge Management (KM). FastWorks @ GE. Six Sigma. Educator. Voice talent. linkedin.com/in/jillianf December 19, 2017

The American Philosopher, William James said, "Compared to what we ought to be, we are only half awake." This quote seems to be the essence of what Paul D'Souza strives to help one realize through his work with The D'Souza Group. He encourages one to use personal drive and the energy of those around us to transcend this state and move into areas of living a happy, powerful and successful life.

I worked with Paul on a promotional brochure for The D'Souza Group. As I was trying to restart my freelance business, he took a recommendation to work with me-really, he took a chance on me. Through our conversations, I found his insight beyond enlightening. I found myself not just working with a client but suddenly being counseled, unaware. He readily offered support and encouragement of which I will be ever grateful. His delivery is familiar, compassionate, and yet, supercharged. One conversation and you are suddenly believing in yourself in new ways. I believe his message is pure, true and carefully blends Eastern with Western philosophies while paying homage to the realities of modern life. He stayed focused on the task of creating the brochure, sharing further ideas, edits and ultimately, we produced a piece together that was deemed successful.

He was a pleasure to work with and I would be lucky to have the good fortune to work with him again, solo or on a team. And, I now count him among my dear friends.

Gerhard Gschwandtner Passionate about creating Peak Performance in business and in life linkedin.com/in/gerhard20 December 19, 2017

Paul is a master-level change guru who approaches selling as a quest for inner excellence. Paul's multi-cultural upbringing (he speaks five languages), his spiritual training, his streetsmarts sales background and his business education give his voice an uncommon authority. His new book The Market Has Changed - Have You? is a wake-up call to all of us who are clinging to yesterday's tools, processes and belief systems that have become obsolete. Instead of getting frustrated with the market, Paul suggests we connect with our source of power so we can ride the new wave of change.
Paul's capacity to translate complex processes into simple action steps makes the book accessible to the masses.
If you ever get the chance to meet Paul in person, chances are that you will walk away carrying with you the impression that you've meet a special person that you'll refer to as "One-in-a-million."

John Hawkins Interfaith Minister at InterSpritual Dialogues linkedin.com/in/johnrhawkins December 19, 2017

Paul has much knowledge of business especially as it relates to spiritual integration. Besides his experience, knowledge and wisdom, what sets Paul apart form others is his true love for what he does. He really does care about the people with whom he works.

Jay Bopp District Leader at Insure One linkedin.com/in/jay-bopp-952bb5a December 19, 2017

Paul D'Souza is the most valuable business partner you can have. He has all the skills to help you grow and take your business to the next level. However, it is much more than that. He has the perception and knowledge to take your business to new heights and achieve goals you never thought possible before. His compassion and understanding shows through in everything he does. He is a powerful Leader and mentor. I am truly fortunate and honored to call him my friend. There is no one else I would recommend to coach, train, lead and inspire a team more than Paul.

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