David Cardiel Director, Demand Generation, Strategy and Digital Marketing linkedin.com/in/cardiel22 December 19, 2017

I read a quote about Paul's book somewhere recently, "A Great Book for the Salesperson in Us All." As I looked for words to describe it as more than just a great read, this summed it up for me. It is a great read that's helped me find a better salesperson in me. I worked with Paul to help him promote the launch of the book ("The Market Has Changed-Have You") as well as observed his success as an SR Adviser to many reputable firms. Paul's the 'real-deal' professional that just 'gets it' and is a valuable asset to anyone he works with.

Miranda Vivanco Director George Vivanco Photography and HeadShot Squad linkedin.com/in/miranda-vivanco-94742326 December 19, 2017

Paul is a fireball of energy and wit. I love working with this guy, but don't let his fun fool you, he is a master of business sales and motivation. He can help you find the solution to your business needs and help you refocus your strategies to get the job done right!!! Amazing speaker and person to work with.

Neal Tricarico Leader in transforming how sales works in creating meaningful impact and results linkedin.com/in/nealtricarico December 19, 2017

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Paul D'Souza. I had the good fortune of partnering with Paul on some client engagements at Business Breakthroughs International. Quite simply, Paul is the most grounded and effective partner I've worked with. His ability to connect with people and get to what is of most value to them is remarkable. From there, he's able to maximize the client buy-in to implement his business growth plan, resulting in massive profit. His strategies work.

What makes Paul extraordinary is his human side. If you let him, he will get to know you in ways you never thought imaginable. To truly understand you and enable you to get to be the best you can be at whatever you want. To live your life with meaning and power. His book, "The Market Has Changed, Have You?" is not only a must-read for sales and marketing types, it folds in his core Wha-Dho principles that guide sustainable growth in a meaningful and fulfilling way. I personally look forward to my continued partnership with Paul and recommend you partner with him too. It will change your business and your life!

Christian Sieber, CPA Tax Consultant at Pitcher, Enders & Drohan CPA's linkedin.com/in/christian-sieber-cpa-b667532b December 19, 2017

I've known Paul for quite some time as a result of my work at Pitrelli's Italian Cafe and as President at Sieber Outdoor Services. In both settings, Paul has been helpful, genuine, and a pleasure to work with.

But, as a result of seeing him in two separate settings, I realized that Paul is much more than just a salesman. From his e-mail list to his weekly "Call with Paul", he shows his interest and knowledge in dealing with others in a way that I have never seen before. He is forever committed to helping others on a personal level however he can. If I can make one guarantee about Paul, it's that your day will be just a little bit better after speaking with him.

Bill Sherman Chief Operating Officer at Thought Leadership Leverage linkedin.com/in/bill-sherman-274a02 December 19, 2017

Paul's sweet spot is the intersection of sales leadership, business strategy, and organizational change. It's rare to see someone combine these three areas so seamlessly.

* Look at where you are today
* Design a path forward
* Drive towards goals that matter

When you work with Paul, you'll be impressed by his quick mind--which allows him to solve tough problems. He also has a keen wit, so you're sure to be laughing along the way.

Paul's approach fits with the 21st Century--digitally-informed but still rooted in the human (the customer/client and the salesperson).

Susan Kraisinger MES Strategic Accounts at Epicor Software linkedin.com/in/susan-kraisinger-707584b December 19, 2017

I am pleased to be able to recommend Paul. I was introduced to work with Paul during his charge with Zakta to introduce to the market their Collaborative product. Paul is a strategic thinker with a rare combination of skills, intelligence and integrity. Working with Paul to combine this new technology with Business Intelligence proved to me his ability to gain customer trust by thinking out of the box to craft solutions for critical areas within their organizations. Paul brings net results to organization on both sides.

Sundar Kadayam Chief Strategy Officer at Aquiire linkedin.com/in/sundarkadayam December 19, 2017

Paul brought to Zakta, a unique mix of customer and solution focus, pragmatic sales strategy and execution suitable for where our company was in its evolution, business development and partnership management, entrepreneurial spirit, technology understanding and strong demo skills, optimism and evangelical zeal. This helped us get in front of, and engage with many clients in a short period of time. Tech companies, in particular, will find Paul's customer and solution-centric approach, and enthusiastic evangelism of company and technology, to be a refreshing balance in a sales executive.

Greg Winston Top sales expert teaches sales managers to motivate teams and turn “barely getting linkedin.com/in/salestraining2 December 19, 2017

More than a sales expert, Paul brings an incredible spirit of sharing and success stately to each encounter. He is one of the few that I have witnessed bridge the gap between client and friend. Amazingly you feel like a friend although you are a client.

Mark Hipskind Platform Specialist/Solutions Architect at IBM linkedin.com/in/mark-hipskind-77004b4 December 19, 2017

Paul was extremely dedicated and effective at business development and partner development/management. Paul created and solidified the relationship, trained and enabled the partner sales staff, lead joint sales calls and generally thought outside the box and did what ever it took to further evolve the relationships and opportunities.

Sam Phillips Industry Solution Specialist at Cisco linkedin.com/in/sam-phillips-7199612 December 19, 2017

Paul worked very diligently and explored many avenues of opportunity with us. His Business Acumen and Strategic thinking highlighted various scenarios where our Companies could collaborate and generate opportunities.