Mike Lucas OTR Driver at Jim Palmer Trucking linkedin.com/in/mike-lucas-17aaa038 December 19, 2017

Paul is very detailed oriented and produced great results and brought in different buisness for the company. Door was always open and very willing and able to help all other associates. He is a very good and has a lot to offer. Any company would be very lucky to have him on board.

Barry. Gorsun TOP GUN SALES PERFORMANCE Northeastern University https://www.linkedin.com/in/barry-gorsun-8251421/ December 19, 2017

Paul, is a high energy, creative Sales and Marketing Professional. Paul, sees the strategic vision and goes about executing the vision utilizing all available assets. If assets are not available, Paul drives forward with what he has.
Paul, has a strong intellect, grasps technical concepts easily and understands the sales process inside and out. His approach to Marketing is equally creative.
Paul, is a PRO.

Kiran Jain Sr leader, Data Solutions at Vantiv linkedin.com/in/kiranjain December 19, 2017

It has been a complete pleasure working with Paul. He is extremely clear in his vision and approach and his ability to connect/engage with the customers. Along the way, I've learnt a thing or two from him. Absolutely an asset to have him as part of our evolving team.

Hansel Ramathal Experienced professional in commercial and technical areas of plastics materials linkedin.com/in/hansel-ramathal-7b7638 December 19, 2017

Paul has a very practical and straightforward way of addressing any matter at its root. Paul can take data and connect it with real like solutions in order to help transform personal and business processes so that they can become successful and efficient units. If you are looking for someone that can empathetically deliver transformational business practices, Paul is the right talent in your toolkit.

Andrew Field Founder and CEO at PFL -- We're hiring for SaaS Sales and Software Development linkedin.com/in/andrewfieldpfl December 19, 2017

Is your swales team underperforming? Complacent? Bring Paul in to shake things up!

Shengming He Founder of Inko, Inc linkedin.com/in/shengming-he-27336166 December 19, 2017

Paul has been an extremely creative mentor in founder institute. The advice he proposes has always been helpful in a long run. The sales strategies Paul plans out have amazed me in many positive ways. Paul without a doubt has mastered the art of sales, and he uses his knowledge to mentor startup founders like us to get to the next level. Extraordinary mentor and sales strategist.

Dali Yi Graduate Student at San Francisco State University linkedin.com/in/dali-yi-03358a121 December 19, 2017

Paul is tactical and responsible. His feedback on our project made a lot of sense and was straight on point, which led us carefully reviewed our entire sales plan and business model and made a big breakthrough. Every founder should talk to Paul and get a piece of his opinion, the value you can get from it is incredible. Especially for those startup founders who is struggling with their sales and marketing, Paul is definitely the person who can get you right.

Walter Roth Founder at inward inc linkedin.com/in/walterroth December 19, 2017

Paul is an energetic force with many layers that he masterfully applies to positively impact founders in big immediate ways - this is his aim. He has a striking ability to design go to market strategies that meet a founder's or business leader's strategic goals and then help determine the best sales process and people skills needed to execute on that strategy. He's also a fun mentor to mentor along side of, I always learn something new from him and I love learning about his diverse business and inner mastery experiences.

Amira Boutouchent Co-founder at BRIDGR | G20 YEA Delegate linkedin.com/in/amiraboutouchent December 19, 2017

Straight to the point and super dynamique, this is what I think when Paul come to my mind.
Paul helped us structure and think our sales strategy and his feedback and advice have been of great value. His energy and positivity are contagious. Paul got an amazing vision on sales and has a unique way to teach you as well as coach you about it! If you are a founder, you would be lucky to have his sales advices.

Kristian Pflieger Finance Manager | Controller | Problem Solver | Innovator linkedin.com/in/kristianpflieger December 19, 2017

Paul has a great entrepreneurial mind. He is always willing to help and provide meaningful advice on a wide range of subjects.