The MultiDisciplinary Sales Team

Getting to Peak Performance in sales, starts with the leadership of an organization creating a space for teams to collaborate with a single objective in mind. This objective if fundamental; To deliver on your brand promise in a profitable manner.

The new multi-disciplinary sales team consists of all teams that are customer facing. Your business might have less or more groups. But in the B2B space, this is the general set of customer facing teams that need to work together to create a phenomenal customer experience. 

  1. Product Development, Innovation or R&D
  2. Marketing
  3. Business Development
  4. Sales
  5. Solution Design
  6. Customer Success

The focus areas of the above mentioned groups are directly linked to each other and what one group does will impact the quality of another’s activity; collectively impacting the customer experience.

Let me explain;

Product Development, Innovation or R&D

Nothing happens, until you have a product. You have nothing to sell unless someone has determined what you offer is. Once you have an offer, it has to and will always need to address the changing needs of your customers. This in effect is your first customer facing department and it always needs to stay connected to the revenue generation process. If a company get’s this piece wrong; nothing you do in marketing and sales will have a significant impact.

Marketing – If They Do Not Do A Good Job

  • Your sales team do not have leads that convert effectively and your revenue numbers are lower than expected.
  • You will not be activating your existing customer relationships and increasing a higher profit margin revenue steam.
  • You will not have a powerful and recognizable brand in the market; which keeps your cost of sale higher than if you had a powerful brand identity.

Business Development – If They Do Not Do A Good Job

  • They will not convert the leads generated by marketing.
  • They could be creating a negative brand experience with your prospects.
  • They could be driving prospects away from your brand.
  • Worse still; they could send unqualified Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) to your AE’s which don’t close because they were not a good fit for your offering.

Sales – If They Do Not Do A Good Job

  • Revenue from new Logos is down
  • Annual Spend from existing accounts is down
  • Sales Cycles are long
  • Transaction Volumes and Utilization is low

Solution Design – If They Do Not Do A Good Job

  • The client get’s something they did not ask for.
  • Client Satisfaction drops.
  • You get poor customer reviews.
  • Customer attrition increases.

Customer Success – If They Do Not Do A Good Job

  • Clients do not see value
  • Client frustration increases & User Acceptance drops
  • Net Annual Revenue per account drops
  • High profit margin business growth disappears.

In Conclusion

We are all in it together. Getting to Peak Performance starts with setting the right Strategy in place. All teams must talk with each other and work together as a unified team that has a single goal in mind; taking care of your customers and delivering on the brand promise in a profitable manner.

Is your leadership holding this strategic idea? Are they keeping these traditional inter-department walls up? or are they bringing them down and designing “Process” that encourages collaboration with these different teams that take care of your clients?

Collaborate and win. Shine your light together.

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