You Need A Data Science Team

Hard To Find:  Have you found your that data scientist you were looking for? A qualified multitalented individual that gets data and know how to make it sing? They need to know how to manipulate it,  model it, program it, design meaningful and engaging interface and also understand business?  Not so good huh? 🙂

Think Collaboration: This is virtually an impossible person to find.  Yet, we need people to help completing all these tasks  listed above. “In order to have an impact in analytics in the real world, especially in the business world, you need to combine a group of people who can work together,” said David Steier director of information management for business consulting firm Deloitte., a computer scientist by training, with a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University. A pragmatic approach is to build a data science team of members with particular skills that help your organization analyze and visualize data. It’s virtually impossible to find all the needed skills in one person.

Think Globally Too:  Inevitably this approach is not cheap.  But it is more reliable. So thing about the people you will need to hire. One approach is think globally. Have you noticed; there are more graduates coming out of college with the basic skills you will need around Data Management from colleges and schools outside the US.  Think globally and act locally.  Split your teams and work effectively.

It Will End:  The shortage of talent that is; the Doritos Effect will kick in (We’ll make more!) Universities will graduate more students. But the other convergence will be from Technology.  Relevant technologies will be developed to take care of some of the repetitive tasks.   The churn will stop the burn will stop and we will be off to a better future with the powerful data models, algorithms and visualizations that help us make powerful decisions in the market place.

DMI — Big Data Insights has the teams to help you get there now!

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