How to Sell and Win in the Era of Cognitive Computing

Being able to read the market is critical to success in sales. This is a skill that will help you stay in sync with the needs of your customers and create the space for you to be active – to engage with them and help them through their challenges.

What has shifted, you ask? It’s these moving pieces…

    1. Customer behavior
    2. They are involved but via multiple online channels. They want to engage and they care that you see them as unique individuals
    3. unique needs.
    4. Technology
    5. It is changing rapidly. The trends are leaning towards increased connectivity and cognitive computing.
    6. New Assessment of Business Value
    7. What this means is that customers will buy ONLY if they see value. No more fancy talk with smoke and mirrors.



I am going to break these down further for you so you can begin to plan for and take appropriate steps to get in sync with these new trends in the marketplace.

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