14 New Deals In 90 Days- the Source Select story

A Logistics company that does an amazing job helping Crowdfunded and eCommerce companies ship products from their manufacturers to their end-customers had hit yet another inflection point in their 21-year history.

The Narrative:

They had tremendous success helping companies with the outsourced 5PL services which include:

  1. Inbound FREIGHT and Customs Clearance
  2. Receiving and Warehousing your product
  3. Order Processing from eCommerce sites, EDI, and other sources
  4. Outbound Shipping into 180 countries
  5. Returns & Inventory Management PLUS Kitting, Repairs, and Testing

When you work with them, you get to focus on your Marketing, Sales, and New Product Development. They will handle all the details related to moving your product after being manufactured.

The company has partner warehouses in the US, Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Now that you know how powerful the offer is, you can imagine its usefulness to a company that needs to distribute its products to customers in the global marketplace.

This way, they only pay for what they use when they use it and never have to worry about real estate contracts, hiring shipping and warehouse staff, or logistics related strategies which are very complicated when moving product from one country to another (Duties, Value Added Taxes and such)
Guess what; this narrative was the most powerful strategic change we have made so far. Before working with the D’Souza Group; they told their prospects they were a 3PL and did warehousing, order fulfillment, and inventory management. True but not seductive, nor was it a complete explanation of the tremendous value they brought their clients.

The Outreach Strategy:

Once we changed the narrative to reflect the exact value that we offer to the marketplace we used; a combination of Kickstarter and Indiegogo websites, Facebook, and LinkedIn to find and then reach out to leaders in companies that had either had a successful campaign or had a strong sales forecast.

We did not do any advertising and list-buying strategies to get in front of prospects. The conversions were pretty high because we shot a grungy nonprofessional video that explained the offer and a text that looked very similar to the above outline of the business. Once they viewed the video – very often, the link will be forwarded to the right people or introduced directly to them. We got as much as a 40% conversion from the initial cold email/outreach, resulting in 14 signed contracts.