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The Market Has Changed – Have you? … but how? Based on observations in my recent sales activity with clients at P&G, Audi Mexico, Philip Morris in Mexico, Magna in Toronto, Regal Beloit and a host of others; it has become apparent that a shift has happened in the market place and not many of us are speaking about it.

The shift is that … our Customers have changed the reasons “Why” they buy.
They care that they have an amazing Customer Experience.
They care that you take care of them and their core business needs.
They care that you educate them and help them increase their capacity to act.

The Market Has Changed – Have you?

In 2008 when the Financial Markets crashed the biggest shift that happened was that our Customers developed a new sense of Value. They calculated value in very different ways; no longer could they buy an Escalade they did not need with equity from one of their new homes. Their Assessment of Risk had a new calibration; a more conservative one. Once that happened, they became active buyers. They started assessing the value of your offer differently. We the “Sellers” of the world needed to change how we sold to a now informed buyer, who was committed to making sure every investment “penciled” well and the ROIs met their new standards of care.

The shift has happened again. This too is subtle but significant. The shift now is that our customers want our help in making significant change “Sustainable” in their organizations. They want their Experience to be significant. They want to improve their capacity to act. No longer are they buying potential or the next best tool.

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